Jet-set with Marmite this summer

Fans of the savoury spread can take Marmite wherever they go

Families and Marmite fans don’t have to worry about getting into sticky situations at airport security this summer thanks to Marmite’s clever 70g travel-friendly jar.

The tiny hand baggage-friendly jar was created following the discovery that Marmite was the no.1 confiscated branded food item at London City Airport. Fresh research has shown that Marmite is the second most popular item on the British holiday packing list (second only to teabags)!1 With the 70g jar, Marmite lovers can travel freely with the savoury spread so they will never have to be without their favourite breakfast toast topper.

It isn’t just holiday-goers who benefit as the 70g jar is small enough to carry in a lunchbox, picnic hamper and even a handbag, so Marmite fans will never have to go without their yeasty fix.

The handy RRP £1 jar is available to buy from Poundworld, 99p Stores, Boots airport stores, Co-Op and Caledonian Foods across the UK.